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Enact Partners produces stable investment opportunities that are aligned with our client's goals

We build customized investment portfolios secured by real estate. These Investments are non-correlated to stock market volatility, are tax efficient, and require no management responsibility. We provide an opportunity to invest in real estate with consistent returns, without the hassle of being a landlord.

Our Company

Enact Partners provides opportunities that allow clients to diversify their portfolio by investing in real estate that that is not correlated to stock market performance. We help our client by:
We identify opportunities with regularly scheduled cash flow, through asset-based lending.
We offer in-depth analysis to individuals and small companies that is typically only available to institutional Investors.
We work directly with Investors and/or advisors as part of the advisory team.
We have no geographic restrictions.
We have no conflict of interest.

Real estate investments have far reaching effects, so we help our clients carefully consider each aspect of decision-making, particularly since their future is on the line. Our focus is to ensure all actions have a positive impact on our clients' P&L and Balance Sheets taking into consideration market conditions, limitations, restrictions and levers, such as taxes, cash flow, lease structure, legal formation, debt, and time frames.

With our involvement and representation, our clients receive the guidance and tools required to inspect and compare all their options and make more discerning choices in evaluating their real estate investment strategies.
With decades of experience in real estate investing and development, we help anticipate potential consequences that conflict with our clients' goals. We do this by providing guidance and direction that saves our clients a loss of time and/or finances when a real estate investment is not a good match. We then execute tactical buying and/or selling where it fulfills their overall strategy in investing.

We collaborate with the client's CPA, financial planner, attorney, and/or real estate broker to clearly define the measurement of success of their long-term objectives and explore various strategies that work for their unique situation. We determine what asset classes are most appropriate for their needs and develop a strategic plan of action that meets their overall objectives and fits with their circumstances.
Fortunately, we have the freedom to invest our money any way we choose; and to reap the rewards or suffer the consequences of those decisions. For Investors who have taken on unnecessary risks, we are starting to see the ripple-effect of negative consequences on their lives and their family. This impact will continue for many years and could span generations. While investment risks are pervasive in any investment class, they must be carefully identified, measured and weighted to your specific situation and goals.

Since our clients have very diverse needs, we believe a customized approach works best. We advocate a low risk investment philosophy with careful underwriting and efficient tax strategies that are aligned with our clients' goals. We promote portfolios that contain income-producing, tax efficient opportunities that offer no management responsibility. We carefully inspect projects that claim unusually high returns as they rarely deliver as promised and are typically laden with higher than average management fees and risks.

Why Invest with Us

Invest in Secured Trust Deed Investments

Participate in one of the most favorable risk adjusted investments real estate has to offer. We source alternative investments, such as business purpose loans that are secured by quality real estate as collateral. This provides an opportunity for stable cash flow and tax-efficient real estate investing without property management hassles.

Generate Stable Cash Flow

Earn stable cash flow that is non-correlated to the volatility of the stock market. We offer qualified investors the ability to invest using tax efficient funds such as their self-directed IRA's, HSA's and 401K's, providing tax-free or tax deferred growth. Because these are collateral based loans, the investor is protected by the property's equity.

Benefit from a Proven Team

Benefit from years of real estate investment experience that has been refined into a clear and efficient proven process. We simplify the process by managing the investment from start to finish. This includes identifying the investment opportunity, underwriting, funding and managing the investment all the way through final loan payoff.